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Safety Certifications

At SAS Global we care about safety, health and well being of our employees. We support local community interest and value honesty, integrity and teamwork.

Employee safety is a fundamental concern at SAS Global. Accidents create personal job loss for employees and families. Accidents reduce this company’s ability to provide quality products.

At SAS Global Corporation no phase of the operation is considered more important than accident prevention. It is of policy to provide and maintain safe working conditions and follow operating practices that will safeguard all employees. No job is considered properly completed unless it is performed in a safe manner.

Supervisors have the responsibility to instruct employees in safe work practices. They must make every effort to provide a safe environment for employees. Supervisors and employees are instructed to stop work if the operation is unsafe.

Supervisors and employees understand that all the accidents/incidents must be reported immediately.

To promote the maximum safety for all employees, it is policy of the company to:

  1. Provide a safe workplace
  2. Teach and observe safe work practices
  3. Enforce all safety rules

Current Safety Certifications Held by SAS Global

  1. MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) Part 48 and 46
  2. CCS (Coalition for Construction Safety) Formally MICCS
  3. Avetta
  4. ISN (ISNetworld)
  5. BROWZ Compliance

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