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SAS Global Engineers a smooth surface finish on all SureAlloy® Premium Weld Overlay Products to provide optimum flow while reducing / eliminating material hang-up. The standard surface finish can be blanchard ground to provide an even lower coefficient of friction for applications with heavy material hang-up issues. This premium polished surface is known as RapidFlow® SureAlloy® Premium Carbide Overlay Plate.

Any of the SureAlloy® Premium Weld Overlay Products can be supplied with the RapidFlow® Premium Finish.

Common Applications:

     â€¢     Mobile Mining Equipment Liners

     â€¢     Longwall Pan Liners

     â€¢     Crusher / Breaker Liners

     â€¢     Chute / Hopper Liners

     â€¢     Piping Systems

     â€¢     Muller Bottoms


     â€¢     Reduced carry back and material sticking due to very low coefficient of friction

     â€¢     Surface ground to an average value of 0.2 Ra Micro-Meters